Saskatoon Soaring Club - Ground School
SSC Ground School:

The Saskatoon Soaring Club generally runs a 6-session 15-hour Glider Ground School each year.  For information contact the Saskatoon Soaring Club by email

2018 SSC Glider Ground School

The april ground school has been cancelled. Next ground school tentatively scheduled for Fall 2018.

Cost is $50 for non-members (or $100 for ground school plus an introductory glider flight) plus books as required.  Books used with this course include:
  • the Soar and Learn to Fly Gliders manual of the Soaring Association of Canada
  • the Glider Pilot Ground School manual of the Saskatoon Soaring Club
  • also recommended (but not required) is the book From the Ground Up
Topics covered in Ground School include:
  • Glider and Soaring Operations
  • Theory of Flight
  • Meteorology
  • Aircraft Instruments
  • Navigation
  • Air Regulations
Everyone welcome to first session, no obligation or commitment.

Postal Address: 510 Cynthia St, Saskatoon, SK, S7L 7K7       

For questions, or comments, or to leave any message with the Saskatoon Soaring Club please contact: SSC Mail