Saskatoon Soaring Club - Ground School
SSC Ground School:

The Saskatoon Soaring Club generally runs a 6-session 15-hour Glider Ground School each year.  For information contact the Saskatoon Soaring Club by email

2019 SSC Glider Ground School

Location: the Aviation Education Centre at the airport: #19 - 2725 Koyle Ave. (upstairs classroom)

Dates: March 21, 28, April 4, 11, 18, and 25.

Time: held from 7:00 pm - 9:30 pm.

Cost is $50 for non-members (or $100 for ground school plus an introductory glider flight) plus books as required.  Books used with this course include:
  • the Soar and Learn to Fly Gliders manual of the Soaring Association of Canada
  • the Glider Pilot Ground School manual of the Saskatoon Soaring Club
  • also recommended (but not required) is the book From the Ground Up
Topics covered in Ground School include:
  • Glider and Soaring Operations
  • Theory of Flight
  • Meteorology
  • Aircraft Instruments
  • Navigation
  • Air Regulations
Everyone welcome to first session, no obligation or commitment.

Postal Address: 510 Cynthia St, Saskatoon, SK, S7L 7K7       

For questions, or comments, or to leave any message with the Saskatoon Soaring Club please contact: SSC Mail